Drama feature film
79 min. | 2013

After years Emilie (26) meets her brother Jakob (22) again. At Emilie’s request, the jointly inherited holiday home in the Swiss Alps should be sold. In contrast to the skateboard professional Jakob, the young entrepreneur is dependent on money. Her parents’ business, which she took over with her boyfriend Andreas, is heavily indebted. The emotions towards her brother, which have been suppressed over the years, deliberately keep Emilie at a distance. But Jakob’s direct and blatant manner increasingly shakes her cool facade. The rationally managed relationship with Andreas and the deep affection for Jakob are inescapable. But can the two siblings live a love that must remain invisible?

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StickUp Filmproduktion, dffb

Markus Ziegler
Samuel Perriard

Samuel Perriard

Lucy Wirth, Ole Jacobs, a.o.

Nominated for Best Movie, Studio Hamburg Preis | Nominated for NO FEAR, Producer’s Award, First Steps | Nominated for Young Talent Award New German Cinema

Filmfest München, Achtung Berlin, Chicago Filmfest, Solothurner Filmtage, a.o.