Adventure Series for Children
8 x 30 minutes

Malte (10) has to spend his summer holidays at his mother’s film set in “Spreewald”, a remote nature reserve. At first the introverted city boy doesn’t make any friends, but when he discovers a mysterious creature with magical powers in the enchanted woods, the adventure of a lifetime begins. “Wasserratte” (Water Rat) shows him the wonders of nature, but also how endangered her habitat is. To help his extraordinary friend and to prevent a natural catastrophe, Malte must convince the film crew and the villagers to finally join forces.

WASSERRATTE is a horizontally structured adventure series for children between 7 and 12 years of age. A modern fairy tale, set in the magical nature of Spreewald, exploring how the confrontation with the unknown can help to find oneself.

Head author:
Benjamin Schreuder

In development

Formate aus Thüringen